The Police State


There is a time in every government when the temptation of power becomes too much for those in positions of authority. When the servants of the people become the leaders of government there has been an infiltration of progressive ideals.  Never was it intended for elected officials to become dictators of right and wrong. Never was it intended for elected officials to be liars and cheats, child molesters, playboys, and organized gangs of criminal elites. This is the time we find ourselves in today. Elections are held with new technology which counts and logs our votes for us. We never see them counted. Such software is sold to the US government by private corporations which hold special interests in political elections. Entire states have taken votes to show not a single citizen voted for one party or the other.  This is impossible. Votes are changed by the software, deceased Americans are able to vote, some people vote many times.  These things are all simply absurd.


In 2014, the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the United States Postal Service purchased over ONE BILLION rounds of ammunition.  All across the US police departments have been armed with tanks, assault weapons, and surveillance technologies that far surpass that of the Nazi SS during world War two. The face of police brutality has become the norm in all 50 states. Constant efforts are being made to demonize the disapproval of the globalist attempt to create a one world government.  A multicultural religion is being pushed to bind all religious groups to one simple faith – everyone is right.  Islam has been covered with a veil of peace, while it walks about devouring whom it can.  The entire world is on the brink of financial collapse.


All of these things are the beginning of sorrows.  In our own country, we can be expected to see false flags which will garner support for the taking of extremists into camps for the protection of the masses.  We will see anyone who doesn’t share the globalist view of equality – a cover to make abortion, homosexuality, beastiality, and countless other abominations acceptable behavior – become enemies of the state.  Any person who speaks out against the evils of society will be deemed a threat.  If you disapprove of the murder of children, you will be called an extremist.  There is no hope for the restoration of traditional views.

As a free people at this time, we near a turning point. Soon we will have reached an era of no turning back. There are a few things one should have to prepare. The first and foremost important item is a weapon. Without protection life will be hard to sustain. Food, shelter, and water are the most important things to consider once defense is aquired.  It is the duty  of each citizen to warn others of the impending war the globalist will soon wage on the American people.

Do not be decieved. They will make an attempt to turn neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, race against race, and class against class.  Religion and political views will be used as weapons against the people to divide us amongst ourselves.  A house divided cannot stand.  Love your neighbor.  Bond yourselves together and make a stand against tyranny.  In one hand, hold honor, truth, love.  In the other, a loaded gun.


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