The Two-Party Lie


America has always held one major political view; there are two views.  A system of two majorities has been the normalcy since the establishment of the US constitution.  It seems quite logical that there’s always two contrasting views on any given matter. What if, however, there was something more sinister at play with the two party ideals?  What if the two party system was engineered as a method of total control over a society. What if the greatest deception of all was the one thing we thought was ours? Choice. Having the freedom to choose leaders is priceless. Especially if your a member of the wealthy elite who use the illusion of choice to rule over society.


A plan as old as time itself has taken the world by surprise.  The elite are driving the world into a universal kingdom both politically and religiously.  If we feel we have a choice between a pool of leaders, then we feel we are free. What if thats the plan? There are obvious questions here. Who are these men? Do I know anything about them other than what the corporate media outlets have told me? Did I choose all of these men as choices, or were they picked for me? How do I know these men aren’t all on the same side? There are answers to these questions. These men are all members of the global elite. They are approved by a group of the most influential financiers in the world.  They have been portrayed to the American people as cults of personality.  Each mainstream line of view has its candidate.  No matter the final outcome of the election their goal remains the same; to serve the globalist agenda. They strive to keep society under control, and have been divided into categories of difference to confuse and decieve the masses.


They all serve the same master. They were chosen for us, not by us. Our votes are counted by machines built by companies owned by these men. The world is asleep. While power-addicted members of all three branches of government rob the American people of their rights and individualities, we are being lied to by a barrage of smoke screens deployed by the mainstream media. Everyday new events unfold on televisions across the globe.  These events capture the attention of the world while the real news goes on behind the scenes.  There is a global coup underway to establish a global tyrannical one world government/religion.  Warn your neighbors.  Warn your friends.  Nothing is as it seems.


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