Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control the weather? What if there was a way to create precipitation, change the course of hurricanes, change the temperature? Since the early 1950’s, the US government has been doing extensive research on the manipulation of natural weather patterns.

HAARP, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is one of the government’s most secretive weapons to date. Over the last ten years, weather patterns have become increasingly unstable, producing record numbers of natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to tornados to earthquakes.

HAARP uses electromagnetic wavelengths to produce dramatic effects on the environment. The study of the aurora borealis has given an incredible amount of knowledge to scientists in terms of how weather itself works.


Located in Alaska, the HAARP facility actively sends EMW’s (electro-magnetic waves) into the atmosphere, which then bounce back to earth to produce devestating effects. There are signs in the upper atmosphere when the weapon is activated. Cloud structures are changed and multiple light spectrums can be seen moments after the release of the EMW. In Japan, only 10 minutes before the huge earthquake and tsunami hit in 2012, multiple videos were recorded of strange cloud formations and odd color appearances throughout Japan. The below picture was taken moments after HAARP was actively sending EMW’s into the atmosphere.


Perhaps the greatest weapon is nature. If man can harness the power of nature, he can provide the perfect conditions for survival. However, man can also use it as a weapon to destroy entire regions without a trace of responsibility. Perhaps the odd weather patterns over the last few years have just been coincidence. Perhaps the extreme weather has been a result of Bible prophesy. Perhaps HAARP has caused damage to the the atmosphere the cannot be repaired.

We have no way of knowing for certain, but there are some things we do know. HAARP is an active government program.  It exists and is not a hoax or some rancid conspiracy theory.  There is recorded activity of dramatic power level increases at the HAARP facility prior to several recent earthquakes, hurricanes, and severe tornado outbreaks.

You can visit their website at http://haarp.gov and see for yourself. Of course, they hide under the mask of research for the betterment of mankind – but as any wise individual will know, when the government tells you not to worry it’s time to worry. Check into HAARP and draw your own conclusions.


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