Maj. Gen. Says Obama Should be “arrested for treasonous activities”


Paul E. Vallely is a retired US Army Major General and senior military analyst for Fox News. He served in the Vietnam War and retired in 1993 as Deputy Commanding General, Pacific Command.

In 2004, together with retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, Vallely co-authored the book Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror. Vallely currently serves as the Military Committee Chairman for the Center for Security Policy and has lent his support to the organization Veteran Defenders of America.

In a recent interview on Real Side radio program, Vallely was quite outspoken about the president and his involvement with Beghazi, as well as his sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Vallely stated that the presidents “feet should be put to the fire” by those in high level military positions.

The radio program’s host, Joe Messina, asked whether Obama would replace military leaders with others who agree with him, as he has done several times in the past.

Vallely replied: “Well then we arrest him for treasonous activities.” He noted that the group he helps lead, the Citizens Commission on Benghazi, counts at least fourteen different actions the president has taken that could be considered treasonous.  Such actions include bringing the Muslim brotherhood into the White House, supporting them in Libya, Syria, Egypt, ect.

Vallely stated that Iran is running Baghdad, and that the Middle east is in complete turmoil as a direct result of the administrations policies.  He also remarked on Jade Helm 15 and the creation of a Federal Police Force.  He stated the American people are in fear of martial law.

Maj. Gen. Vallely is one of many top military officials coming out over recent government policies and actions.  Military moral is at an all time low.  Perhaps the Oath taken to defend the Constitution is finally being brought to light.

Let’s hope these patriots bring justice back to a crippled democracy – and just maybe restore the Republic to its Constitutional glory.

Please watch the interview here:

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