The Confederate Flag Debate: What They’re Not Telling You


Why the sudden debate over the long-standing symbol of the US Civil War?  First, one must understand what the Confederate Flag represents. While most will argue it is a symbol of rebellion, it is little known what the war was actually fought over.  The US federal government was imposing tough regulations on the South.  Eventually, State’s Rights became near non-existent for the southern states.  While slavery became a later topic of interest, it played a very miniscule role in the reasoning behind the war.  It is estimated that only 6% of southern citizens owned slaves.

After the war, the Ku Klux Klan became a symbol of heritage preservation for southerners.  It became a quick target for the globalists, as it could be used to incite racial violence and language, which could be used to limit speech and cause further cultural demise.  Federal agents posing as KKK white supremacists were responsible for multiple church burnings, killings, and hate crimes.  This was the spark that ignited the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.  Once again, the globalists used their motivation to create a one world government to further integrate and usher in a blended, cultureless, moral deficient society.

Today, the agenda is no different.  The elite have once again ramped up the pace.  There is a war on for the minds of all hummanity. The globalists are dividing the people by race, wealth, religion and politics.  The reason for this remains an age old secret.  An agenda to create a one world government / religion.  Such leaders as Al Sharpton are used and paid to incite racial division.  Do not be pulled into the debate over the Confederate flag.  Stay clear of race baiting and be watchful of the global agenda.

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