The Trans-Pacific Partnership


When elected officials meet behind close doors to discuss secret bills it can be considered, at the least, unconstitutional.  The TPP is a multi-national trade agreement that is being pushed into law in the US.  When congressmen and senators wish to read the bill, they are required not to take pictures, must enter a closed room alone, and what notes are taken must not leave the room, nor can the document itself.  This has become the “norm” in Washington.  This should also be a major concern of all citizens.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, once law, will completely remove the soverignty of the US and all other nations involved.  It can be compared to the European Union, which hasn’t exactly been a hallmark of capitalism.  Greece is a prime example of what the EU has produced.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, any and all State’s Rights and religious freedoms will be completely non-existent.  In a collective group, the TPP will require all nations to adhere to a collective set of laws, rules, and regulations.  In fact, wikileaks exposed that if a local town or city does not meet the code provided by the TPP, it can be sued by a foreign country and forced into compliance.  These are only the few things we actually know, since most of the bill is yet to be leaked.

Smoke screens are actively being used to cover the passing of pre-TPP laws, such as the Fast-Track bill that failed in congress and was passed a week later under cover of the Charleston, NC shooting; in which the war on guns and the Confederate flag far over shadowed the re-voting and passing of the Fast-track.  The Fast-Track gives president Obama power to push the TPP through with little explanation or scrutiny from the public.

Will America suffer more smoke and mirrors as these treasonous bills are rammed through the house and senate?  Will more innocent lives be lost at the will of the globalists?  The answer is yours to decide.  Spread the truth – information is our last hope for liberty.


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