Why the Globalists HATE Donald Trump


On June 16, 2015, Real Estate Mogul and self made billionaire Donald trump announced his bid for president in 2016.  This is one of the worst things that could have happened to the agenda of the globalists. Almost immediately the bashing of Trump began.  Mainstream Media outlets, civil rights groups, and politicians both left and right began attacking Trump.

Why do they hate him so much? The answer is simple. Donald Trump is worth an estimated 9 billion dollars. No other candidate has that much money in their own pocket. The establishment are bought out by the globalists, all recieving either money for their services, or blackmail to perform them. Donald Trump needs no money, and is too clean to blackmail.

Mr. Trump will also prosecute, once elected, several key leaders of the current administration, including charges against Obama and Hillary for collaboration, fraud, and possibly treason. Once in office he will open the books and begin to unravel the largest cover up in US history. Dozens of political figures will be brought to trial.

The globalists, however, have been aware of this plan for some time. The NSA has records of any plans Trump made well in advance. Perhaps Jade Helm is part of the reaction the globalists have to Mr. Trump’s bump in the road. Perhaps Trump’s 2016 bid has frightened the globalists so much, they have been forced to ramp up their plans of world domination.

One thing is certain. The establishment is terrified of Donald Trump. They are trying to destroy him from all angles. If there is one thing that is certain, Mr. Trump is a self-made man, a Constitutionalist, has a birth certificate, and is an enemy of the global agenda. Assuming our vote is still counted, let’s hope we get enough support behind Donald Trump to take back our country and restore liberty and justice for all.

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