Jade Helm 15 Begins


Today marks the the start of Jade Helm 15, a massive military training exercise that covers the entire southwest US and possibly extends across the country, as conflicting reports state. Please read the article Jade Helm for further insight into the program.

Counter Jade Helm, a civilian response organization, is said to be actively monitoring troop movements. The Texas State Guard has also been deployed to monitor operations as well, since growing concerns and distrust of the federal government swayed Texas governer Abbott to deploy troops for peace of mind.

Reports are also being made by the US military that several states were “added” to the list of operations just this past week, which seems odd given the amount of preparations needed to conduct these exercises.

Will JH15 validate any of the growing theories as to its purpose? Such theories are that JH will be used to round up political dissidents, declare martial law, or is part of a Chinese or Russian plan to invade the US. Time will tell.

For more information on JH15 please view our article titled Jade Helm 15: What You Need to Know. Updates will be provided as the exercise kicks into full gear.

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