Article by: Justin Gage, TyrantWatch Editor-in-Chief

With Presidential candidate Donald Trump seemingly running away with the Republican nomination, rumors are starting to fly as to his potential running mate in the 2016 general election. While there are some experts who still feel a Trump-Cruz union is a possibility, increasingly adversarial rhetoric suggests this may not be an option by that time.
Recent events are suggesting a dynamic that is far more reasonable. Dr. Ben Carson, who was briefly a leading candidate for the nomination, has slipped in recent weeks in part due to being perceived as weak on foreign policy and having a demeanor that some find “too passive”. Maybe. But his seemingly inept response to his descent in the polls, along with a campaign reshuffling that saw many top Carson aides relocate to the Trump campaign suggest something else is in play. A respected neurosurgeon and best-selling author with no political experience (a plus these days) would be the perfect VP candidate to counter the anti-establishment Trump’s bravado. He could also prove to be a competent statesman capable of addressing medical and social issues that have plagued this great nation for generations.
Remember when a first term senator from Illinois was elevated to the Presidency due to promises of “change” and a record voter turnout? A large factor in that record turnout was due to African-American’s not only voting, but most all voting for and united by one candidate. A replication of this alone would not win an election, but any number of votes taken from a predominantly democrat voter base could be exactly the type of shrewdness that helps propel Trump to victory.

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