There is a right way and a wrong way to combat tyranny.  The message below is a clear example of how We the People can confront and demand answers from those who would seek to oppress liberty. The message was written by F. Gregg Meagher, a Decorated Vietnam War Veteran and ex-Marine.  Below the message is a video Mr. Meagher uploaded that goes into great detail about what is really going on in Oregon. Please take the time to read this informative message, watch the video, and as always share this so the world might learn of the current corruption within the US Federal government.

Your version (edited) leaves a lot of questions and doubt to the actual events that took place; as always. I believe in Justice under Constitutional Laws when addressing the fraudulent ‘human factor’ and the actions of the Corporate “US Government”, as declared officially to the United Nations. This later “True Justice” is the Right of the American People and Humanity as a whole. I would sincerely appreciate the audio (unedited) and auto-camera videos being posted.

Personally, the videos have no real bearing on the fact that the FBI intentionally ambushed those in the vehicle and en-route (Peacefully) to a meeting focused on discussions to bring the Oregon Stand-off to a Justice Settlement. There is no valid and/or logical alternative reason for the actions, on the part of the FBI, which in fact had been ordered out of Oregon by a higher authority, to have set-up either the video-taped pursuit or road-block, other than for the following reasons and objectives: 1st > total irrational incapacity on the part of whom was in command; 2nd: the specific aim of provoking a violent mass-reaction intentionally destroying the USA infrastructure; 3rd: demonstrating FEAR TACTICS to bring the US Population psychologically under control through the demonstration of a ‘No Response’ even when a person is assassinated in cold-blood in the eyes of America and the World. Personally, following the UN Agenda’s and the Multi-State Land Grabs and California Land Grab Projects confirming the establishment of ‘Maintained Communities’ under Agenda 21 of the United Nations; as being an integral part of forcing in the Occult New World Order, I am led to believe that the objectives of this unwarranted and unjustified encounter in Oregon was, in fact, the provocation of a mass-violent reaction and thus the establishment of Martial Law under aka Obama’s decree and even the potential cancellation of Presidential elections providing a Dictatorial endless term under someone already deemed a threat to America, by recognized International Courts, and now sitting in the White House.

My desire and full-intent is to support the FBI in proving 1000% that their illogical and illegal ambush of this vehicle and its passengers was, in fact, not an “assassination” of the category extreme prejudice.

Thus, please release, on your behalf, all audio-video / photographic and documentation files surrounding the decision to ‘ambush ‘ this vehicle during the Peace Mission in process; where the orders originated from; and during the actual pursuit up until the present moment of the situation. I would also appreciate documentation surrounding the illegal violation, on the part of the FBI, of the Sheriff’s prior order to exit the State of Oregon. Which, in fact, defines all actions, on the part of the FBI to be of an extreme and undeniable ‘Illegal Nature’ and no more than a murder and attempt-to-murder (wounded parties).

Thank you in advance for your kind and professional furnishing and publication to all Americans of the requested documents and information; all covered by the Freedom of Information Act and the undeniable Rights and Freedoms of the American Population; and further myself as a Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran and ex-Marine, who swore to uphold the Constitution against all external and internal enemies.

Justice is founded upon “Truth”! I seek and ask for the modes and foundations to establish Truth surrounding the Oregon … ambush, when the FBI had no legal jurisdiction in the State of Oregon at that time.

In Peace and, I sincerely hope on the part of the FBI, a sincere desire to Peacefully and Jointly establish undeniable facts surrounding this grave attack on America’s Rights under the Constitution.

I desire greatly, to regain respect and trust in the FBI as being defenders of America; and not, as in the words of ‘Someone’ I knew personally John F. Kennedy, only criminal mercenaries working for a private ‘Hidden Government’ with registrations; such as: the Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group; the United Nations and NATO, and the seemingly endless webs up and down their affiliated entities and/or individuals. I mention the latter, because there exists a very obvious and highly potential connection between the ‘visible assassination’ of Lavoy Finicum and the Peaceful Oregon Expression of Freedom and Defense of the US Constitution and the aforementioned Agenda’s Land Grabs. For your information: Full details and Maps are available within the United Nations Headquarters; or, if you prefer they are factually introduced, with precision, by professors and other valid individuals, on You Tube.

I can document and tie these potential connections together; and, I do so on a daily basis.

My sincerest appreciation for your time and attention in the fulfillment of the above. I desire to state; and that which I state and have stated within the above contents will be widely distributed via the Internet and beyond these easily controlled channels of communication into the physical domain, so to speak. My communicating with the FBI is strictly of a rational and peaceful nature: As a fairly highly decorated Veteran, I seek to regain lost faith in Federal Institutions; in particular, after the Illegal Oregon Ambush and seeming “Assassination” of Lavoy Finicum. this personal goal has become ever more important to me. I believe that your organization can fully understand my concerns being aware of all the illegalities stated and documented within the Present White House Staff or Executives… to include Hillary Clinton and the failure of indictment proceedings at this time.

Once again,
my sincerest personal thank you.
Have a great day & Life’s True Nature of Peace and Love be within you all.
F. Gregg Meagher
eMail: f.gregg.meagher@gmail.com
You have all the data…


Here is the video:

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