In this sequel to the article ‘A REQUEST FOR TRUE JUSTICE’ Mr. Gregg Meagher presents a plea to the FBI and the U.N. for true justice to be given to the people of the United States and the world.

By: F. Gregg Meagher

Opening communications on the Oregon Standoff and Lavoy Finicum: I am here to discuss my position in requesting from the FBI all/any auto-cams; body-cams: audio registrations; documents from the beginning of the Oregon Standoff’ until the exact moment of the time-lapse and date changes, which precede, and follow, up until the final and undeniable conclusion of facts on the Death and Circumstances surrounding the manner of death that Lavoy Finicum fell victim to. Further, I am requesting all documents pertaining to Lavoy Finicum’s prior years of peaceful opposition to the illegal and unconstitutional “land grabs and attempts fo grab lands” on the part of the BLM and/or other affiliated Agencies hired and employed or created by the Corporation registered and entitled “US Government”.

I am requesting the same: To preserve “Good Faith” in the Federal Bureau of Investigations (private affiliate of the Corporation just defined); and I am doing so based on factual and evident contradictions to their published versions. In addition, and supporting of these contradictions, there is “Motive” and “Factual Tactical Documents” (videos), which demonstrate the potential that those not in acceptance of the “Official Version” are, in fact, justified in their witnessing and logical conclusions.

America, and its people, have the Right to full disclosure; and further, ‘full disclosure’ must be demanded by America to allow for the demonstration of Facts; and to preserve the, now justifiably questionable honor of the Agents within the entity entitled the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The World is watching the FBI’s handling and lack of indictment of Hillary Clinton and others that have not faced “Justice is Equal” obligations.

This video is the beginning …

Also see this wust watch Oregon Checkmate by Mr. Meagher:


Below are copies and the .pdf files of Mr. Meagher’s formal request to the U.N. for truth and justice in regards to basic human liberties, and how those liberties are currently being erroded in a fashion that seems to be deliberate and targeted.


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