Charlie Jay | TyrantWatch

The following video was taken at a public meeting in Harney County, Oregon. Donna Hammond, who is not related to Dwight or Steven Hammond, expresses her outrage over the Federal lockdown being imposed in Harney County. She expressed (with cheering) to the panel the un-constitutional management and involvment of the Federal government in Oregon affairs, specifically the managing of State property claimed by the BLM.  This is yet another example of how the MSM is ignoring the voices of the citizens of Harney County who have been caught up in a battle for Constitutional rights.

Keep in mind the MSM is portraying this situation as the citizens there support the Federal involvement in the ongoing situation. Watch this video and see for yourself how this narrative is not entirely true.

Don’t forget the connections we established between the BLM land grabs and the Russian based uranium mining company, Uranium One. If you have not seen the video, view it Here. The people are right in the midst of a fight for liberty. This concerns us all, not just the citizens of Harney County. Get this information out there before the video gets removed!

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