Charlie Jay | TyrantWatch

How have we fallen this far? What has happened to our country? These are questions many Americans find themselves asking today. With the world seemingly falling into an economic depression, with wars spreading across the globe, with the emergence of a super-intelligent police state taking hold over the U.S., it is easy to ask how it has all happened.

The answer is quite simple. A society that is left wanting for common decency and basic morals is destined to find itself in decline. When was the last time you witnessed a young person open the door for an elderly person? Does it happen as often as it used to? It is evident that morals are no longer taught in the schools. The Constitution and basic human rights are no longer taught in schools. How can a society unaware of it’s rights and liberties expect to keep those rights and liberties? It cannot.

A society of good morals, equipped with the knowledge of the Law, is the only way to maintain a Republic. We must take it amongst ourselves to teach the younger and even the older generations about the rights afforded to each and every American citizen. The people, armed with the knowledge of the law, can produce a voice for liberty so powerful it would echo across the land and shake the very foundations of Washington, D.C.!

We must learn to love one another, care for our neighbors, respect all persons small and great. We must stand together as one body and proclaim our liberty and the validity of the Constitution. We must demand our congressmen and women, and our Senators uphold the Constitution, and we must have them removed from office by demand of resignation if their record shows they have not. It’s time, America.  It’s time to restore the power of this great nation to it’s rightful owners, We the People.

Take action where you can! Attend local town hall meetings and demand answers. Convene local citizens in your area and discuss the current state of the Union. Educate your local officials on their Constitutional duties, and demand these duties be upheld in accordance with the Oath taken by those officials. Pass out pocket Constitutions. Request the school board in your district hold sessions to discuss and explain the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the upcoming generations. Remind your friends and families that the People hold the power in this nation, and we CAN change the narrative if we stand together.

It all starts with YOU, and what YOU are willing to do to stop this erosion of liberty, this attack on life. Don’t waste another day. The fight for liberty has found us again, and we must stop the aggressors before it’s too late! It was said by our founding fathers that the generation that does not fight for it’s liberty will allow the next generation to be bound in chains.  These will be our children, and theirs. We MUST take a STAND, and it’s all up to YOU to make it happen!





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