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Itawamba County, Mississippi

The small rural community of Fulton, MS has been forced by a group from Wisconsin called Freedom From Religion Foundation to remove a copy of the 10 Commandments located inside the county courthouse. The group claims the presence of the sign is a violation of the Constitution. However, the people of the county overwhelmingly support the presence of the sign. When did our nation become so politically correct that it would allow the beliefs of the minority to overpower the will of the majority?

The Bill of Rights clearly states that Americans are afforded the freedom of religion, speech, and press. If the people of Itawamba county truly have the freedom of religion, and choose to have the 10 Commandments present in the county courthouse, who is to deny them that freedom? Certainly not a faux libertarian group from a state several hundred miles away. I urge the citizens of Itawamba County to stand up and voice their opinions and remind the elected officials who holds the power; We the People.

Contact the Supervisor in your district today and tell them how you feel. We cannot allow those who seek to remove our freedoms to succeed in taking even one small thing away from us. If allowed to do so, what’s next on the list? I assure you the erosion of individual liberties will not stop with the 10 Commandments sign removal.

Contact information for Itawamba County officials below.

Also, for a more in-depth analysis of the situation, see this article.

  • Charles Horn
    District 1 Supervisor
  • Cecil (Ike) Johnson, Jr.
    District 2 Supervisor
  • Steve Moore
    District 3 Supervisor
  • Eric Hughes
    District 4 Supervisor
  • Steve Johnson
    District 5 Supervisor
  • Linda Byrd
    Board Secretary
  • P.O. Box 776
    201 E. Main St.
    Fulton, MS 38843
    Phone: (662) 862-5600
  • Itawamba County Courthouse
  • 201 West Main Street
    Fulton, MS 38843
  • Itawamba County Circuit Clerk
    Carol Gates
    201 West Main Street
    Fulton, MS 38843
    Phone: 662-862-3511
    Fax: 662-862-4006




  1. I live here now. N have all my life. Maybe if a majority of this country would stand up to this bigoted idiots n kick their Yankee asses like all of us rednecks were taught then we probably wouldn’t have this problem. So much for teaching our kids to stand up to bullies when we as adults can’t even stand up to them. This is a crock of b.s… If u Wisconsin bitches can’t handle the heat then stay the hell outta the pot.


  2. If those busybody idiots from Wisconsin don’t like to see the ten commandments displayed here, why don’t they just go home, where they belong?! Why are they in Fulton trying to stir up trouble?!

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  3. The FFRF is going all over this country threatening to sue local principalities, schools and even public businesses that dare express our Christian faith publicly, and it is time to stand against these thugs. They omit the part of the First Amendment guaranteeing the Freedom of Religion when they inaccurately invoke the “separation of church and state” as forbidding the public expression of religion. I have seen this hundreds of times across the nation, and usually, these people who receive one of these threats simply tuck tail and run for the hills. I urge you to stand up against the FFRF! They are NOT the Federal Government and, even if they were, under our Constitution they have no right to make the demands they are making!

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  4. I dont live in Itawamba County but I was born there and I am beyond pissed with what they (the leaders) have been forced to do. When did this country and county become so politically correct that we must sacrifice our beliefs to some folks out of state that care nothing about what we have had for decades…….SAD SAD DAY

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  5. Our County, our community, our opinions are what matter. The people of Itawamba County are God fearing, good ole southern folks who love God and their family. We raise our children in church and teach them the 10 commandants. We mind our own business and don’t stick our nose in yours…why? Because we don’t judge others!!! GOD DOES THAT and when we start giving in to these people who need to embrace God instead of DENYING him…we are denying him too!! And God says “Deny me, I will deny you” We CAN NOT GIVE IN TO THIS NONSENSE. WE MUST NEVER DENY GOD STAND UP ITAWAMBA AND LET GOD KNOW THAT WE KNOW HIM AND WILL NOT DENY HIM!!!!

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    1. They could have taken this to the Supreme Court and stretched thus out for over years but they folded under pressure. If I was a resident in this county I would tell them all they need to resign. And put somebody in there who had a backbone. Why are we letting somebody from another state tell us what we can do in our state


      1. I believe in our constustion & why our founding fathers insisted upon it & the bill of rights. The ten commandments are very important now, as were they on all days with all the religions out there & various believes that are meant to confuse people.


      1. You really did flunk American History, didn’t you, Stacey? Washington DC buildings are literally covered with Christian carvings of various things. The Congress starts with PRAYER each session. A Bible is used to swear in officials. And, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are filled with Christian teachings….such things as morality (apart from Christianity, there is no basis for morals….and are copied by major religions the world over). And, I haven’t even touched on the historical value of these documents.

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