Article from: London Telegraph

In at least six precincts across Iowa Monday, Democratic caucus votes ended in a tie, forcing a coin toss to decide which candidate would win a county delegate.

Mrs. Clinton won all of these – securing her an incredibly narrow lead.

It seems quite ironic that the more socialist candidate lost because of cold hard cash.

It’s actually in the rules to make things more fair – if two candidates are neck-and-neck, there is no other way to choose between them except by using chance.

Hillary won a coin flip six times.

Is it time to put our tin foil hats on?

How likely is it to win a coin toss six times in a row?

Each coin toss has a 50% chance of coming heads or tails.

So, to get that six times in a row, we have to multiply 0.5 by itself six times.

Which gives us a chance of around 1.6%.

So how can a democracy choose a political candidate because of a coin flip?

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