Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

As the Islamic State (ISIS) continues its reign of terror across the Middle East and abroad, the Obama administration marches on with its failed strategy of handcuffing intelligence and military officials coupled with airstrikes based on intelligence gathered by said restrained officials.

Due to these hinderances, which some claim are intentional, the atrocities committed or inspired by ISIS are becoming increasingly more brazen. This includes massacres such as those in Paris and San Bernardino, as well as foiled plots since, both at home and abroad. The San Bernardino attack highlighted a major difference between ISIS and the previous al-Qaeda linked attacks the United States has endured. In the past, al-Qaeda operatives have attacked using suicide bombings/explosions primarily.

While such a method presents many problems for those trying to prevent such an attack, intelligence officials have also accumulated decades of experience in dealing with such terrorism. Recent attacks inspired by ISIS have mostly concluded with attempts, some successful, to escape unharmed. This implies the heightened immigration and travel restrictions currently in place in the U.S. and Europe have ISIS-linked terrorists rethinking the old terrorist playbook.

Such travel/migratory measures are proving not to be enough. One such example of this has come to the forefront recently, as more European nations call for investigations into the large-scale theft of authentic blank passports as ISIS made its way through Iraq, Syria and Libya. In fact, at least two of the Paris attackers used official Syrian passports to travel into Paris undetected. Additionally, it is becoming harder to monitor the constant (purposeful?) chatter of the many terror network-linked social media accounts and websites.

That’s scary, considering most of the recent attacks or plots have been committed by individuals and groups who have been later discovered to have pro-ISIS content on social media accounts linked to them. The logical answer to such difficulties would be to increase the staffing of appropriate intelligence analysts, though that remains out of reach due to massive decreases to intelligence spending during Obama’s tenure. Those decreasing budgets have put this nation at great risk. The only hope for improvement is a change in the leadership of the United States.

The Obama administration has purposefully ignored (if not funded and supported) the threat this world faces with radical Islamic terrorism and as a result, groups such as ISIS have continued to rise. In the 2016 General Election, the American people must elect someone that will further restrict immigration and commit the time and resources necessary to defeat such evil. The American people must elect someone who will make America, and the World, great again.


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