As we detailed previously, back on September 11, Zero Hedge predicted the events which unfolded in Paris last Friday (and the resulting aftermath) with uncanny accuracy. Specifically, we said that 

“as the need to ratchet up the fear factor grows, expect more such reports of asylum seekers who have penetrated deep inside Europe, and whose intentions are to terrorize the public. Expect a few explosions thrown in for good effect” and we added that “since everyone knows by now “not to let a crisis go to waste” the one thing Europe needs is a visceral, tangible crisis, ideally with chilling explosions and innocent casualties. We expect one will be provided on short notice.”

But it was the “fine print” forecast that was most troubling.

… the second key role of ISIS is also starting to emerge: the terrorist bogeyman that ravages Europe and scares the living daylight out of people who beg the government to implement an even more strict government apparatus in order to protect them from refugees ISIS terrorists.



Certainly expect a version of Europe’a Patriot Act to emerge over the next year, when the old continent has its own “September 11” moment, one which will provide the unelected Brussels bureaucrats with even more authoritarian power.

And while we are awaiting for a full blown European version of the Patriot Act, it seems France has rushed to judgment and enshrined the nation’s restrictive “it’s for your own good” State of Emergency into its Constitution. As AFP reports,

The lower house of the French parliament voted Monday in favour of enshrining in the constitution the process of declaring a state of national emergency, one of aseries of controversial amendments the government proposed after November’s Paris attacks.


The measure — which gives the state increased security powers — was voted through by 103 to 26,although it met opposition from some leftwing lawmakers and some deputies from the right.


The lower house’s overwhelming vote in favour of the measure is the first in a series of steps before the constitution is finally revised.

The law change appears to gove permanent status to police and security forces sweeping powers to raid houses and hold people under house arrest without judicial oversight. Yet again – temporary government over-reach becomes permanent as the spread of tyranny is begged for by the citizenry seeking protection from the boogeyman du jour.

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