We have entered an unprecedented time in the age of man. A time when uncertainty and confusion run amock. A time when good has become evil in the eye of the elect and evil has become good in the eye of the people.

Do not be dismayed. Liberty and Justice have a voice. That voice is heard educating man on his true power in the sight of his elected representatives, his governing officials, his enforcers, and his accusors. Power that is called right, of which many are afforded to us all. Liberty is what man achieves when both he and his government coexist in harmony with the law of the land. It is what man gains through education in the law, for without it he cannot abide by it, and will become an enemy not only to his government, but to himself as well.

The power of the people resides in the knowledge each person has of the law on which their power is given. Without the understanding of that law, or in our case the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the people have no defense against an overreaching and tyrannical police state. This is why all people must learn of the law, and the beauty is it guarantees us all the right to peace and prosperity amongst ourselves and our government. It is so simple, yet so far from happening it’s frightening. But it is growing.

We intend to help it continue to grow. In an effort to increase the flow of information, we will soon be airing a weekly radio show via podcast on Sundays from 5-7p.m. CST. We will also keep each weeks show on file in a new archives section for availability at all times. During the show we will cover weekly headlines and provide insight and commentary. We will also be taking calls and hosting interviews from several liberty-minded associates and sponsors.

In addition to the weekly radio show, we will also be opening up the TyrantWatch Store, where we will offer great products such as pocket constitutions, T-shirts, bumper stickers, food rations, prepper supplies and a host of other items. We understand the concerns of those who might think we are trying to profit from the information war, however, our profit margins will be super-competitive to keep prices at the lowest rates available . It costs money to fight global tyranny, and all proceeds will be used to fund our operation to continue the spread of truth across the globe.

Thank you for being a part of the awakening, and we hope to continue to bring you great content and provide you with the tools to educate the masses and combat tyranny wherever it might reveal itself.

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