Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

While Hillary Clinton has won in Nevada over democratic socialist Bernie Sanders today, it is by a much smaller margin than most predicted. Hillary led Sanders in Nevada polls by over 30% just weeks ago. One would have to wonder if the Benghazi email scandal and her demeanor on the campaign trail is starting to finally affect the former Senator and Secretary of State.

While Sanders outspent Clinton nearly 2 to 1 since December in Nevada, the deciding difference seems to be Sen. Harry Reid’s push for casino workers to be able to vote on-site today. Senator Reid, the Senate Minority Leader, is said to have applied pressure with local casino unions to allow the voting by on-duty staff that overwhelmingly supported Clinton.

There has been much speculation as to why Sen. Reid had not officially endorsed Clinton, but Clinton campaign additions last year included a senior Reid advisor, Jorge Silva. Silva is also considered a major factor in Clinton’s Nevada victory. Silva served Reid as a senior advisor for Latino media, and has served Hillary on her campaign in a similar capacity.  His role was important due to the fact that over 25% of registered voters in the state are Latino.

However, Sanders garnered more minority votes than expected in Nevada, making their next stop all the more intriguing. South Carolina is widely known as a state where democrats lean heavily on minority voters. Although, now that Sanders has proved that minorities are resonating with his message, South Carolina’s primary on Feb. 27 is definitely one to watch in the coming days.

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