Charlie Jay | TyrantWatch

A former CIA operative has confirmed to Fox News that Saudi Arabia is in possession of nuclear weapons. This is a huge escalation of an already pending Middle East meltdown.

“Founding Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Counter-Terrorism Operations Center publicly confirms Saudi Arabia has deliverable nuclear bombs. Last week, on “The Hal Turner Show” Mr. Turner told his audience that, based on his years of experience as a National Security Intelligence Asset with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Saudi Arabia is in possession of nuclear weapons. He also made clear that a CIA asset had (earlier) made this revelation in public, on FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and this revelation was a staggering breach of Classified Information protocols. Turner went on to say that “the only way a guy from the CIA would reveal such information is if Washington WANTED the information revealed; otherwise the person who exposed the classified material could be criminally prosecuted.”

The Saudi’s have also made a public statement verifying the CIA’s claim.

The Saudi government apparently recieved the weapons from Pakistan, which seems logical since they funded the Pakistani nuclear program. It is being rumored that Iran has also recieved nuclear weapons from Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia, who has announced it’s intention to invade Syria with ground troops, has also been escalating tensions with Russia, who is a strong Ally of Syria. The fact that Saudi Arabia would most likely engage in combat with Russian forces if an invasion took place is quite disturbing now that it has aquired nuclear warheads. If these reports are concrete, this is a game changer.


  1. Truth be known they have had them for awhile and the govt has known about it. this guy prolly came out cause they know they sauds are about to use one


  2. look like IRan is TOTALLY justified in getting nukes then, if Saudi psychos and ZioPsychos also have them. Iran didn’t start the race.


    1. Exactly. The Saudis are loose cannons. They have been sponsoring terror and supporting ISIS just like the US and several others. Its bass ackwards.


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