Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

Donald Trump won the Nevada Republican Caucus on Tuesday, receiving well over 40% of the total vote. Of course, 40% is a huge number considering there are still 5 candidates that are vying for the nomination and some Nevada ballots mistakenly had all 11 original Republican candidates listed. Sen. Marco Rubio edged out Sen. Ted Cruz slightly, even though Rubio had left the state before caucus sites opened to campaign elsewhere.

Exact results are still unknown, as Nevada is notorious for slow ballot counts and unreliable volunteers. Matter of fact, there were multiple reports of chaos at caucus sites, including instances of voting twice, caucus administrators not properly checking ID’s and overall organizational issues. These problems did not affect who won last night’s contest, but with second and third place separated by 1%, did the GOP establishment tilt results in favor of their preferred candidate, Rubio? There are already multiple reports of Nevada GOP leaders trying to influence the results of the Democratic Caucus just days ago.

According to entrance polls conducted by Fox News at 25 caucus sites throughout Nevada, Trump received over 45% of the Hispanic vote in Nevada. That is compared to 28% for Rubio and 18% for Cruz. That is quite surreal, considering Trump’s stance on illegal immigration and border issues, as well as the fact that both of his main challengers are of Hispanic descent. Trump also performed very well among Christians in Nevada, continuing a trend that he capitalized on in South Carolina.

Despite Trump’s momentum, the field is poised to remain intact for now. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are competing to be the establishment alternative to Trump. Dr. Ben Carson seems content to further spread his message until funding dwindles.  Gov. John Kasich will continue with the positive message that earned him a second-place finish in New Hampshire, at least until his home state of Ohio votes on March 15.  None of this may matter though, with “Super Tuesday” only 6 days away. Eleven states will hold Republican elections on that day, with almost 600 votes up for grabs. Trump has early polling leads in many of those eleven states.

These results further demonstrate what we talked about after Trump’s South Carolina victory. Americans are basing their vote more on policy than the individual candidate. Again, this is refreshing and a great step forward in the evolution of the conservative movement. If your state hasn’t voted yet, and you are still undecided, I encourage you to objectively look at each candidate. Look at their strengths, weaknesses and their preliminary policy proposals. Do not be afraid of a candidate with no political experience. In fact, the way that nothing seems to change after these elections may prove such a candidate to be just what we need.

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