Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

At a rally in Fort Worth, TX today, former GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for President. Gov. Christie said he decided Thursday morning to officially endorse Trump, although he’s known since he dropped out of the race that Trump was the most qualified candidate.

Christie stated that “Donald Trump is someone who, when he makes a promise, he keeps it,” adding that “No one is going to get inside this guy’s head. There is no better fighter than Donald Trump.” Christie also said that Trump has the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in the General Election, and that Trump “is rewriting the playbook of American politics.”

Although Trump and Christie were largely fighting for the same votes along the campaign trail, it’s quickly becoming clear how important a Christie endorsement could be to Trump. Not only does Chrstie bring legitimacy within the GOP establishment, he is also no friend to Sen. Marco Rubio. Within minutes of appearing alongside Trump to announce his endorsement, Christie started his attacks on Rubio. Referencing Rubio’s attack on Trump’s lack of political experience, Christie said of Rubio “I find it fascinating that somebody who barely shows up for work … is going to talk about somebody being unprepared.”

While I have never personally cared for Gov. Christie, I feel he is making the right decision in backing Trump. As long as Trump doesn’t allow Christie to come anywhere near the U.S. Attorney General position. Surely he wouldn’t…


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