Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

Hillary Clinton accumulated over 70 percent of votes in the Democratic Primary in South Carolina Saturday, widening her delegate count lead ahead of Super Tuesday.  After the race was called, Hillary thanked supporters but didn’t revel in the landslide victory long.  “Tomorrow this campaign goes national,” she said.  “We are not taking anything, and we are not taking anyone, for granted.”
Sen. Bernie Sanders had already left the state by the time the race was called, electing to instead focus his attention on the delegate-rich states who vote this coming Tuesday.  Speaking to reporters after arriving in Minnesota Saturday evening, Sanders acknowledged the loss.  “In politics on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  Tonight we lost,” Sanders said.  Despite his loss and momentum starting to favor Clinton, Sanders later promised to keep pushing forward at a campaign rally.  “This campaign is just beginning,” he said.  “Our grass-roots political revolution is growing state by state, and we won’t stop now.”

Clinton carried several key demographics in South Carolina on Saturday, including women and voters over age 30.  The demographic that made the biggest difference, though, were African-American voters.  Clinton received almost 90% of the black vote in South Carolina, after worse-than-expected results among black voters in early voting states.  Her 87% among black voters Saturday was higher than even Barack Obama had previously managed in the state; he took 78% of the black vote in 2008.

I am stunned that so many African-American voters would vote for a candidate that time and again has neglected the minority population.  Her mistakes in Benghazi cost the lives of four American citizens.  She repeatedly sent confidential intelligence using unprotected email systems for years as Secretary of State.  An FBI investigation into her improper correspondence methods still has’t been completed.

Hillary Clinton also profited an estimated $2.5 million from speaking engagements at large Wall Street banks between 2013-15.  These are the same Wall Street banks whose predatory lending and foreclosure practices have long targeted African-American homeowners.  Now that she’s on the campaign trail Hillary has reversed her tone, consistently chiding Wall Street and warning no bank(er) “is too big to fail…or jail.”  Lies have consistently been a theme with her.

Furthermore, the notion that Hillary’s husband, former Pres. Bill Clinton, was somehow a friend to black people is simply false.  Amid relatively prosperous times, racist crime laws and conservative welfare policies continued to keep morale low in black communities.  In fact, former Pres. Clinton presided over the largest imprisonment campaign of African-American citizens since the Civil Rights era.  I hope that all Americans continue to see through the political smoke in mirrors of The Clinton Show, and help enact real change in the 2016 General Election.

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