This will be a live thread that will be updated with news and results from “Super Tuesday” Primaries and Caucuses.  Check back often for the latest coverage.

Justin Gage | TyrantWatch

Hillary sucks; Bernie Sanders wins Oklahoma.  8:22 CST

Fox News projects Ted Cruz as the winner in both Texas and Oklahoma.  Cruz now stands to be clear 2nd place finisher overall today.  Will the establishment fall in behind Cruz now, leaving Marco Rubio behind?  8:19 CST

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are separated by less than a point in Oklahoma, albeit with less than 20% of the vote in.  Stay tuned for further developments in several other races going down to the wire as well.  7:51 CST

Donald Trump is projected to win Virginia now as well, according to multiple outlets.  Exit polls in Virginia had Trump in a virtual tie with Marco Rubio.  7:39 CST

Fox News projects Donald Trump will win Alabama, Tennessee and Massachusetts; They also project Hillary Clinton a winner in Tennessee.  7:06 CST

Multiple news outlets are reporting Donald Trump has won Georgia, Clinton has won Georgia and Virginia and Bernie Sanders has won Vermont.  6:51 CST

According to multiple reports, several polling sites in Travis County are experiencing “computer glitches” which have resulted in votes changed from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio.  Travis County includes Austin, TX, which is known as a liberal stronghold in a staunchly conservative state.  At least 4 cases have been reported so far, although a switched vote could easily go unnoticed due to the fashion in which polling machines are set up.  The Trump campaign is reportedly very concerned with the “computer glitches”, and former Trump advisor Roger Stone stated minutes ago that he will organize an investigation into the potential voter fraud. 12:52 CST

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