TyrantWatch – We Will Not Be Silenced

Over the last two years, my family, my income, and my psychological and physical well-being have been targeted and attacked by what I can only describe as “highly professionalized entities”.

On this website, we have sought to expose corrupted government agencies both here in the United States and abroad.  After we expanded to reaching over 100 countries, it seems we may have caught the attention of someone who seeks to oppress the truth – or to simply put it, (a) Tyrant.

This is my formal declaration to these individuals that I have not been broken.  My spirit is alive and well.  Those around me that you have taken, my properties and assets that you have sought to destroy, all the psy-ops that you have carried out on me and my family, have only strengthened my resolve.  I urge you to continue – I seem to have acquired a taste for your belligerence.  Please, entertain me.

I will not be silent.  I will not be intimidated.  I am not impressed.  Any person of thought can be influenced by higher powers.  The CIA, NSA, FBI, and the Military are no exception.  These individuals have chosen to engage in cooperation with entities that seek to oppress and destroy the spirit of man.  They are actively waging war with little to no resistance.  They hide behind false information and deceit.

Now, since I have nothing left to lose but life itself, being these people have already attempted to kill my spirit by taking everything from me – I am left with only one tool at my disposal – this platform and the ability to use it. Therefore, at the expense of my mental well-being, I will immediately resume the work I have been commissioned to carry out.  I once asked a higher power for knowledge and understanding.  I was not aware of what the possession of these two things truly meant.  With great knowledge comes great sorrow.

TyrantWatch is coming back – not to seek vengeance, but because the inhabitants of the earth must be informed on the truth.

-Charlie Jay

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